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 About Daydreamers Guild

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PostSubject: About Daydreamers Guild   About Daydreamers Guild EmptyFri May 28, 2010 9:07 pm

Welcome to the home of Daydreamers Guild!

※ This is a member-only guild forum, meaning that only members of the guild and the forum can view the full contents of the forum.

▶ If you are a prospective new member interested in joining our Guilds, please post an application at:

▷ Please also refer to our Guild Rules:

☞ About Daydreamers Guild

Daydreamers Guild is a social guild dedicated to maintaining a tightly-knit community among its members. We like to socialize and have fun with one another. We enjoy running dungeons together, sitting around and chatting, helping one another with quests, etc. We also host regular Guild events (both in-game and forum) to encourage interaction among its members. Recently, we have begun to use MSN outside of the game to continue interaction between members and continue friendships.

Due to our "social" nature, we do not have any technical requirements to join the guild, such as total level, race, etc. However, we do ask you to join the forum community so we can better get to know each other.

☞A few key points about joining the Daydreamers community:☜

*We strongly encourage being social, friendly, open minded, and optimistic. Don't be shy and please be as random as you want to be, we have a large diversity among members so you will fit in with nearly anyone.

*Please do not join if you have no intention of staying in the first place. We understand some people "browse" through guilds to find one that suits them, but for the sake of convenience on us do not join if you only want to get help, trying to sell things, or just want a placeholder group until you can leave to another guild.

*Our guild tries to maintain a clean, non hostile environment. We refrain from cursing as much as humanly possible (its unavoidable for some), and will remove anyone that tries to pick fights or harass others. If you have anger issues, please try a different guild.

Best Regards,

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About Daydreamers Guild
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