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 Mabi Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Mabi Guild Rules   Mabi Guild Rules EmptyFri May 28, 2010 9:11 pm

The following are a list of rules and Code of Conduct that should be followed by all the Members of Daydreamers.

1. The membership will respect the decisions of the Guild Leader and the officers at all times. Officer's orders must be obeyed to maintain order within the guild.

2. The Guild Leader and the officers will respect the opinions of the members at all times.

3. Bad mouthing ANY member or the guild itself in guild chat or on the boards is forbidden.

- If you have a complaint, take it first to that player and if you feel it is serious enough, take it to the leadership.
- All Members are expected to treat their fellow guild Members with respect and dignity at all times.
- No harassing, belittling, stalking or any other behavior that disrupts the guild’s continuity will be allowed.
- Avoid swearing as much as possible. A large portion of our guild consists of women and children, and it would be only fair to refrain from speaking rudely. If you HAVE to swear, please censor yourself.

4. All Members should also have the same civility toward other non-guild members, unless of course they are worthy of your contempt.

5. Cooperation between everyone in the guild is expected.

6.Looting for items or Exp without the Member's approval is not tolerated at any times.

7. All Members are expected to register and be active on the forum.

8. If you are inactive for six (6) weeks or longer without notice, you can and will be removed from the guild. Please send a note to the leader and officer if you will be temporarily gone due to any reason.

⑨. Drama of any kind is not welcome, if you have a personal problem with someone not involved with Daydreamers, keep it to yourself. All problems within the guild can and will be worked out. Leave your drama at the front door.

10. Game-Breaking glitches and packet editing is not tolerated within the guild. Do not encourage other members to use anything that is bannable. Client-Side modifications are acceptable if they do not harm normal gameplay of others.

10a. Examples of what is NOT allowed:
River Glitching for easy Hobgoblin kills
Packet Edits for one charge fireball, instant 99% aim, etc.
Nekojima transportation

11. All members are expected to be reasonably active in guild chat. The guild is meant to be a family for everyone to be happy and communicate in. If you join and never talk to anyone within the guild then you will be removed. You should probably find another game too.

Guild rules are subject to change. Failure to abide by any of the guild rules may result in warnings, temporary or permanent ban.

Best Regards,
Bane and Sona

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Mabi Guild Rules
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