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 2012 Introduction & Rules *Read Here*

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2012 Introduction & Rules *Read Here* Empty
PostSubject: 2012 Introduction & Rules *Read Here*   2012 Introduction & Rules *Read Here* EmptyFri Dec 30, 2011 11:20 pm

Welcome to the fixed up and revived Daydreamers forum! Feel free to apply rules from the previous stickies here, but here is a general intro and some rules I'll try to keep short:

---The Story of the Daydreamers---

Daydreamers is a group of friendly people of all ages that want a harassment free, cooperative, and fun gaming experience that can share between games. We originated in Mabinogi, an MMO by Nexon, we ran all sorts of events, got together at a campfire to share our stories, ran dungeons with both newbies and pros, split loot and share items with eachother. After a great two year run, we slowly disbanded our group in Mabi due to our previous leader leaving (the country o.o) for an indefinite time.

Since then, I (Mochi / MochiDDR) have been dragging remnants of the late guild together that wanted to continue the great atmosphere our guild had brought, and thus I have gotten as many as I could together on Steam, Facebook, etc. with this forum as a hub for everyone to at least come in once in a while to check what's up.

If you are a previous member from Mabi reading this, know that we are still going and you're welcome to pop in and say hi!

---Basic Rules---

Respect everyone and anyone, both within, and out of the group.

Do not post or send inappropriate content to anyone without their consent.

Do not advertise products, services, etc. to anyone.

Try to keep PG-13 with your words.

Play fair, play to win, work as a team.

---Advanced Rules---

Just be a nice person :>
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2012 Introduction & Rules *Read Here*
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